Increase the chances of selling your home quickly with these ten tips

Figuring out estate trade

Selling and buying properties is a major issue. These transactions don't just involve lots of money flowing from one hand to another, but, especially for the buyer, doing it right or wrong will have heavy consequences in their lifestyle from then on. Did you miss a leaking tap when you checked the house? Good luck with that. Did your new house's value rise over time? Good for you, then.

Sellers are always looking for ways to make more money out of their properties, as well as selling them faster. They don't want to wait for weeks or months until they get rid of the property and see the sweet money come their way. However, this is dangerous, because home owners could make mistakes in their attempt to sell their house fast. It isn's as well known as it should be that there are agents and investors out there who want to take advantage of estate sellers, especially in vulnerable conditions, and buy their properties or sell them to a third party so the seller actually sees too little cash.

The quest for the miraculous bullet point list

The traditional way to sell your house is, of course, with a listing agent. If you have chosen wisely, your agent will work hard to get your house sold, and at a price as high as possible, so he or she can cut more revenues. Good news is that there are some things you can do too. You can help the revenue increase and the sale happen faster. People know this, and crawl the Internet looking for advice on what is best to do for this purpose. Should they renew the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms? What's more important, new paint or new furniture? What's the best pricing strategy? What kind of flowers put in the garden - if any?

Internet swarms with bullet point lists that tackle the issue of estate transactions from many different points of view. Take Phil Spencers 20 top tips for estate trading, the 10 rules of selling by American company ABC, or the 3 tips to make your home worth more listed at Yahoo Finance. It's easy to get lost with all of this advice, which sometimes even contradicts itself from one list to another. What all sellers want to do with their property is selling it faster for more, so what's the secret to make it so?

Top 10 tips from top tips

We've ran a cross-reference research on many sources on this matter and generated the ultimate Top 10 Tips list for selling your house fast at the best price. Here's to you.

Improve the front yard. First impressions always count, and properties are no exception. Arrange the garden, put some flowers and paint the outer walls of your house. 
 2 Improve the bathroom. Modern and functional bathrooms add more monetary value to a property than an improved kitchen does. 
 3 Use the number 9 trick. End prices with 9 to make them look much more tempting to buyers. In example, a£149.000 property is much more likely to sell than a £150.000 property, and there isn't much difference.
4 Beware unlucky numbers in the price. Some cultures have certain superstitions about bad luck numbers, like 666 for Western people and 4 for Chinese people. Avoid them.
5  Get rid of the garage. Most garages in the UK are unused, and you can take advantage of that space to increase the measures of your house, which will rise the price.
6 Keep in mind the target of your sale when making improvements and decorating. Think about what is the kind of person that is more likely to be interested in your property, and arrange it so it fits their taste.
7  Place mirrors inside the hall. Mirrors always create the illusion that a space is bigger, and they will help compensate the small size of most halls. 
8  Keep in mind the prices of properties around yours. Perhaps selling a modest house in an upscale area sounds easy because people will want to join an expensive neighbourhood by paying as little as possible, but don't do the other way around. If your property is more expensive than the ones around you, people looking for houses in your area are not likely to be willing to pay that much.
9  Priorize finishing over furniture. Changing the furniture won't increase the price of your property significantly. Focus on finishing details, which will create a neat look and tempt buyers. They create the illusion that the building is of higher quality.
10 Open up spaces. People look for space, so place big windows and take down a wall if necesary. Having less walls means less rooms, which translates in a lower price, but your house will be more likely to sell.


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