Best Methods of Selling your house for cash

Selling your house may seem to be the most overwhelming experience for many. You may not even want to imagine yourself in a situation where you have to sell your house that you have built with your hard earned money. However, there can be situations both good and bad that can bring you to a point where you have to sell your house. You may be looking to relocate to a different city for career growth or it may be possible that you simply want to move in to a bigger, better house. These are the positive times when you may feel good though a little sad on leaving your house that has been your shelter. But things become extremely difficult when you want to sell your house to fulfil a need particularly to pay off your debts. This is when you will be immensely emotional and may find it too difficult to come to the fact that you will be now homeless. But more than that, you want a quick sale. You want your house to be sold at the earliest without having to spend much.

Consider a deal with US – Chase Housing!

When you are in a financial crunch situation and are unable to pay mortgage payments or have over-piling debts that you have to clear and selling your house seems to be the only option available, get in touch with us. We will help you by purchasing your house without any hassles or any conditions. Yes, no matter where your house is or in what condition, we will buy your house for cash and make sure that the deal is completed within 7 DAYS!

No matter what circumstances you are going through, if immediate cash can help you resolve your issues, you can bank on us. Chase Housing has been in the market for quite some time now and has helped many people like you who have had to go through difficult times due to lack of finances.

Free yourself from the clutches of the agents

When you try to sell your house in open market, you have various constraints. The most important expense you will have to bear here is the expense or cost of the real estate agents you will have to deal with. These agents charge you hefty amounts in the form of commission and also not assure you when your house would be sold.

Another expense is related to your house repairs. You will have to ensure that your house is presentable and complete all basic repairs. This is important because you will have viewings from potential buyers. This means, increase in your costs.

You may also have to spend money on marketing and advertising your house.

When you sell your house for cash to Chase Housing, you will avoid all the above expenses. There is no agent involved hence; you don’t have to pay any commissions. Also, as there will not be any viewings you will not have to stage your house or repair your house. You also don’t need any marketing and advertising!



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What our customers say...

I contacted Chase Hosuing when I saw their advertisement online. Most companies put charges on your house forcing you to sell your house at a price lower than your expectations. This company is different. They made sure I got the value, my ouse deserved and helped me out of a crisis. Thank you!
Michael Daniels

They do what they promise. This is the only hing I will tell about Chase Housing and I’m sure, I will not have to say another word. They are best. I recommend them from my personal experience with them. Thank you!
Grace Faulkner

I was already delaing with another company for selling  my house. I had moved to a different home and wanted to quickly sell my house to pay EMI’s for my new home but it was taking too long. It had been 3 months already and I decided that I will deal with someone else. That is when, a friend suggested Chase Hosuing and I regret not contacting this company earlier. My house was sold in 7 days!
Elise Barlow